Show up in life and on stage.


The remarkable path to showing up in life and on stage. These studies in the Art of Presence bring you to experience your authentic self. This work will give you direction, confidence, and awareness. Through these attributes you become free to create on stage and in life. 

Rob has helped me grow in every conceivable way as a performer, and a few that were inconceivable.
— Brandon Worder Smith of the Appleseed Collective


Individual sessions are available for those who wish to accelerate their learning process. Through this work, individuals experience personalized coaching designed specifically for that person and their specific art form. These sessions have been described as life changing


These sessions are catered to performing musicians. Band members will learn to communicate better, with the audience (verbally and non-verbally),  have more awareness for each other, harmonize efforts and create peak performances.


This powerful transformative workshop will lead the performer of any genre into a deeper connection with self and audience. With proven, repeatable exercises you will create peak performances by design.


Rob Reider

Rob Reider is a movement and personal coaching specialist. Coaching since 1981, Rob has defined learning sets from the beginner to the advanced, and has worked with performers, musicians, professionals, and people from all walks of life.


Rob knows how to instantly spot strengths and weaknesses and harness them into something powerful.

Katie Larson, The Accidentals


The Method

The art of presenting doesn’t happen by accident. Many a good musician and actor got some notice, but soon fizzled, because they weren't the “full package”. Let’s explore the possibility that you can create peak performances on purpose.