The Method

In his Art of Presence workshop, Rob guided me through a process that heightened my awareness of myself and my surroundings. Obstacles that had been preventing me from being fully present in my potential were made clear, and many were removed completely.
— Seth Bernard

Through a series of physical and non-physical exercises, one begins to understand the nature of the mind and what will and what won't interfere with peak performance. Learn how to posture and create identities that allow you to command attention, develop emotional responses from the audience, and stand strong in your performance.

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The sense of timing one can develop creates dramatic or comedic impulses. As you learn that “less is more”, life and expressive arts become easier. It is not by accident that the great performers are so great. They, too, have been coached.

The art of presenting doesn’t happen by accident. Many a good musician and actor got some notice, but soon fizzled, because they weren't the “full package”. Let’s explore the possibility that you can create peak performances on purpose

Anyone can learn these proven techniques. Some attributes people have said they accessed through these studies include strength, power, control, happiness, deliberateness, sense of purpose, ease of expression, ability to command attention, becoming aware of awareness, groundedness, balance, confidence, creativity, and more. If any, or all, of these attributes interest you in your
personal or professional life, then please contact me now to schedule a session for you or your group.