Brandon Worder Smith

Rob has helped me grow in every conceivable way as a performer, and a few that were inconceivable.

May Erlewine.jpg

May Erlewine

After 15 years of performing professionally, I finally feel like I'm inviting all of myself onto the stage. Rob doesn't impose his idea of performing upon you, he helps you to see the ideas you are imposing upon yourself. Sometimes a shift in perspective is the difference between surviving and thriving. Rob's methods teach you how to sustain a life-long career without burning out. He offers the tools it takes to get there. Yes, this is the guy all of the musicians are talking about. Yes, he is that good. If you are a performer looking to deepen your connection with your art, yourself and your audience, Rob is your guy.


Sav Buist

The really great thing about Rob is that his advice does a good job of making you want to be better, without the pressure that usually comes with that. He coaxes different thinking patterns out of you and breaks you out of mental cycles. Working with him creates a new artistic and introspective look at what we do as artists, how we carry ourselves, and how we express that to those that surround us. I recommend any and all artists who have a passion for what they do, demand greatness and respect in themselves and others, and crave inspiration to meet and work with him.


Katie LarsoN

Rob isn't afraid to get inside your head and shake things around. Next thing you know you're standing up straighter, connecting with the audience, in sync with your bandmates, and it all comes from a genuine place. It's easy to get caught up in the technical side of music but performance is an art in its own. Rob knows how to instantly spot strengths and weaknesses and harness them into something powerful. Plus I learned to juggle.


Seth Bernard

In his Art of Presence workshop, Rob guided me through a process that heightened my awareness of myself and my surroundings. Obstacles that had been preventing me from being fully present in my potential were made clear, and many were removed completely. Rob's combination of highly attuned skill sets have given him a completely unique ability to work with people of all walks as an extremely effective coach, teacher, advisor, healer and friend. He has efficiently and compassionately guided me toward improved health and well being which has resulted in a consistently stronger response from audiences, more merchandise sales, more encores, less stress and anxiety about life and work, and less fear about obstacles in my path toward my goals and dreams. He is serious about helping people in a deep way and at times asks me to face things that I'd rather avoid, but he does so with heartfelt empathy and razor sharp clarity and the results are transformative. We also have a lot of laughs together and Rob's insatiable thirst for knowledge and zest for life was contagious. Get yourself in to see him if you can, not because he deserves it, because you deserve it.


Brett Jacobsen

I heard about Coaching Presence through a friend and wasn’t really sure what it was at first. I went in, expecting to find a few new techniques for my performance based work. But after the first five minutes I realized I was in for something transformative for all aspects of my life. I found Rob's coaching and guidance to be incredibly useful and result oriented. I’ve noticed a lower stress level, a clearer connection to colleagues and experienced a greater sense of awareness after working with Rob.

One of the most interesting experiences of my sessions with Rob was the inability to “hide" from him. Any ritual, posture, nervous tic, etc. was detected. He is very perceptive and excellent at getting to the bottom of anything that may be keeping you from a more present and connected experience, both on and off stage.

Any person who is open to self examination and interested in improving their lives should meet with Rob for a session. Working with him one-on-one is a very expansive, energizing and enlightening experience.

Tyler Duncan.jpeg

Tyler Duncan

In just one session, Rob had the intuition, wisdom, and techniques to effectively reflect back to me a lifetime of deep-rooted personal patterns, so that I was able to see my self-diminishing dynamics better than I ever have before. And better yet, gave me simple and effective ways to immediately loosen their grasp. Thanks Rob!


Max Lockwood

I was fortunate to participate in a Coach Presence session with Mime Rob Reider today - absolutely amazing to see the beautiful transformation that this work can bring for an artist, not only in their capacity as a performer but in all aspects of life. I was moved to tears today witnessing someone truly show up, bright and powerful in their true nature. The art of presence is truly magical.

Steven Koehler.jpg

Steven Koehler

As a full time professional performer for the last 15 years, I consider ongoing training to be essential to keep myself motivated, to develop new skills, and avoid burn-out. In my first private session with Rob, within seconds I realized that I was in the presence of a master teacher. Rob instantly started teaching me things that I knew would immediately make me e better performer, as well as more conscious human being.

Rob has what I call an uncanny knack for seeing where one is an "auto-pilot", and therefore limiting their potential as a performer. Additionally, I find Rob's group classes or private sessions to be super FUN, and an opportunity to bond with other students and performers. I have turned many performers onto Rob's work, and they have all loved and benefited from it. Rob's work is truly a "wake up call" to life.

Andrew Langdon.jpeg

Andrew Langdon Brown

Getting my band coached by Rob Reider has been a crucial step in us taking our set to the next level. Through simple exercises and mental concepts we have been delivering a better show every single night to our audience-- and the difference was noticed after session one with him. Personally, I have the bad habit of letting my attention fall into my fretboard and away from the moment, Rob has given me practical tools to keep my head in the game and my presence strong and connective. I would recommend this coaching to any act that wants to learn how to command the audiences attention from downbeat to encore.


Theo Katsman

Rob was able to identify negative thought patterns that were showing up onstage during my performances. He showed me how they were manifesting themselves physically in my body and in my voice, causing tension where there didn’t need to be any. He also gave me permission to let them go, in a sort of punk-rock kinda way that was simple, direct, and uncompromising. I felt able to put his perspective to use immediately. After my sessions with Rob, I feel that a new lane has opened up for me in my performance (and in my life in general). I feel more aware of my mind, my body, and I’m more excited to get onstage, take risks, and be fully present and loving towards myself and the audience. I feel less desire to attempt to control outcomes, but rather to live on the edge of the energy between me and whatever’s in front of me. ROCK AND ROLL MAN.

Eric Odaly.jpg

Eric O’Daly

Working with Rob Reider has been beneficial on both a professional and personal level. As a professional touring musician who performs 5 to 6 nights a week, making each performance fresh and alive for the audience and oneself is a challenge that must be addressed with creativity, zeal, enthusiasm, and precise attention. "Coach Presence" brings these qualities to his work with performers and public personae of all kinds, and embodies them in his life.

Working with Rob completely changed the direction and feeling of our group. We went from feeling like we were at a plateau, performance-wise and creatively, to having a whole new set of tools with which to engage each other and the audience in order to have a very good show, every single night. I am very grateful to Rob for his insight into Presence and Awareness, and for the direct and no-bullshit manner with which he strips away the useless patterns which are preventing the "light" from shining through each person he works with.

Personally, I find that the exercises and instruction that I receive from Rob help to simplify my life, and remove patterns of thinking or feeling which are unhelpful and get in the way of living the life that I wish to lead.

To anyone wishing to become a better performer, to anyone who feels like they just need that missing piece to bring them to the next level of their craft on any stage, I whole-heartedly advise working with Rob Reider. He is an excellent teacher who wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter, and holds you to your highest potential.

Thank you, Rob, for seeing the greatness that wants to come through us, and for helping it to shine out into the world.


Brian Dunkleman

After our very first session, Rob was able to help me overcome years of rejection and self doubt. Three days later I signed with a new agent and was back in the game. I honestly don't think it would've happened if he hadn't come into my life. Thank you Rob!

Loren Johnsonpicsjf.jpg

Loren Johnson

Rob is a highly intuitive, intelligent and compassionate coach. Learning the Art of Presence has been a crucial component in furthering my career.

Through this method, Rob was able to target the deep insecurities and weaknesses I’d been subconsciously wearing on my sleeve for years – both on and off stage - and bring them to the surface in a way that was healing and formative.

There is a dramatic difference in the energy I’m able to bring to live performances, and the benefits have extended into my personal life as well.

Rob is an invaluable mentor, and studying with him has been nothing short of a life changing experience.

Carrie McFerrin.jpg

Carrie McFerrin

My time with Rob transformed me both on and off stage. I knew I was going to learn, but was surprised at the depths his work touched. I felt a positive shift in my approach to relationships with my musician colleagues as well as how I approach my time on stage.

He helped me safely identify my areas of opportunity and helped me learn to be fully present and open for my performances. I’m now able to connect with my audience on a more meaningful level that leaves us both feeling enriched