This powerful transformative workshop will lead the performer of any genre into a deeper connection with self and audience. With proven, repeatable exercises you will create peak performances by design. David Bowie, Robin Williams, Kate Bush, Michael Jackson, all used these stage secrets.

Foundational exercises will be learned to understand how to command attention and how to have a commanding presence with your body.

In these workshops, you will learn:

• How to recognize unwanted “ticks” and unconscious movements and end them.

• The Art of Presence

•How to show up

• How to undo patterns and beliefs that are creating against you on and off stage.

• How to include the whole audience and help them feel connected to you.

• How to undo unnecessary thoughts and beliefs that create self- sabotage on and off stage.

• The classic movements and strong articulations of the body.

• How to connect with your audience through your speech.

• How to harmonize movements with others on stage.

• How to create intentional and lasting changes in your life.

• How to create a life you love.

• To be super self-aware

• Rob’s performance insights and practices will take your show to a whole new level.